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Guide to the Media Center Labs  

This guide was prepared for substitute teachers to assist them with using the Media Center Labs.
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Using the Media Center

If you would like to be shown how to use the lab, please contact us and we will gladly schedule a time that is convenient for you to walk you through the process.  Contact any one at the library at X1143 or email Jennifer Warburton at


Managing the Computer Lab

1.  Check in with the person at the front desk and let them know that you are a substitute and are using the lab today.

2.  Students do not enter the lab until you are at the door.

3. There is no food, drink or coffee in the labs at any time.

4.  Computers should be on and students can get right to work.


What to do if you have a problem

If you are having an issue with the printer, come out to the front desk and get a library aide to help you.

If you are having a problem with the computers, have a student come out of the lab and go to the IT department for help.

If you are having a problem with the projector, try selecting Windows and the letter "P" on your keyboard.  This will give you the option to show what you have on your desktop on the projector screen as well.

If you are having an issue with a student, bring the student out of the classroom and have one of the library aides call for their adminstrator.


Vision Pro

Vision Pro is a software system that is used to monitor students' use of the computers. It can be found on the desktop of any teacher computer, or if not there, then under the Start menu. It is listed as Netop Vision under Programs. You double click on the program to open it up and you should see every computer in the class room where you are.

The computers are listed by the name of the student using the computer which is very nice for you as a substitute. If you hover over a computer, the computer screen will become larger and you can see what the student is up to. If you double click on a screen it highlights the screen and makes it bigger so that you can tell what that student is doing.

On the Home tool bar, you can opt to lock a student out of the web using the LOCK WEB button.  Highlight the students computer so it changes to blue, then hit the Lock Web button once to lock them out of the web.  Hit the Lock Web button again to unlock them.  You must unlock that computer at the end of the period in order for another student to gain access to the web.

You can also elect to stop all students from having access to the mouse and keyboards so that you can demonstrate something at the front of the room.  You do this by highlighting all of the students by selecting CRTL "A".  This will highlight all of the computers so that they are all blue. You then hit the button on the home screen that says "BLANK SCREEN". This gives everyone the same out put on their computer and allows you to demonstrate what you need up front. To turn this function off, just hit the "BLANK SCREEN" button again or select STOP.






Fire Drill Procedures

1. If time permits, close windows and doors to classroom.  Turn off the lights.

2.  Evacuate the classroom and go to the designated area.  Out the front door, up the stairs and across the drive way to the opposite side of the road.

3.  Take attendance. Hold up a green card if all members of the class are accounted for. Hold up a red card if there is a member of your group that is missing.


Lock Down Procedures

1.  Secure classroom door. Remove the rubber door stop from the door.

2.  Pull all shades and turn off all the lights.

3.  Instruct the students to get as low as possible and choose the best possible concealment and cover from the line of fire.

4. Do not let anyone enter the room unless approved by Dean of Students' Office via intercom.

5. Cell phones should be turned off and not used until you are told it is safe to use them.

6. Students should be silent.  No teaching should be going on.

7. Await further instructions from the Deans' office.


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